About Us

Founded by an Ex-Regulator

Doug Evans, the firm's founder, started out in the securities industry as a Staff Examiner at the NASD (nka FINRA) in New York City almost thirty years ago.  Since then, he has been a branch examiner at a major NYSE-member, the chief compliance officer of several FINRA-member firms, owner of several FINRA-member broker/dealers, investment banker, and served many other roles in the securities industry.

Respect for Securities Laws and Rules--Our Top Priority

We provide knowledgable and custom solutions for your capital needs.  Each issuer's circumstances are unique, and each industry has different customs.  Hickory Capital, LLC can provide bespoke solutions to your capital raising problem.  We are regulated and responsible.

Reg D Private Placements

Substantial funding without SEC registration and the ongoing reporting and associated costs of beng a public company.